The Best Toddler Daycares in Columbus Know the Importance of Sensory Play

In our Little Buckeye toddler daycare program, sensory play activities occupy a large part of our curriculum. In sensory play, a child uses some or all of his five senses. Stimulating the senses helps the child to learn to experience the world and understand new things. In this blog, we discuss some sensory activities that you can do with your child. 

Outdoor Fun

What child doesn’t love to be outdoors! There are many outdoor activities that will stimulate their five senses:

Best Toddler Daycares in Columbus for Infants and Toddlers Both
  • Swings are good exercise, but you can also experiment with them.  Show your  child how to swing on her tummy or twist the swing to allow her to feel a new sensation.
  • A sandbox will provide many chances for the child to build, play with toys, and use his imagination.Planting a garden with flowers or herbs is an activity that can last throughout the year.  Children can dig in the dirt, water the plants, and then enjoy the smells as the plants grow.
  • A kitchen is an essential part of the home, but an outdoor mud kitchen is even better.  Dirt, water, a few pans, and a spoon can create “food” and lots of fun.

Food Is Not Just for Eating

Children might not like to eat fruits and vegetables, but playing with them is fun. These activities might even encourage them to actually eat them:

  • After squishing and smearing the fruits and vegetables on their plate, have them taste them in this new form.
  • Blindfold your child. Then after she tastes a food, have her guess what it is.  This can be a game done in teams as well as individually.
  • Baking can be messy, but allow your child to measure, pour, stir and even knead. The finished food will mean so much more to your child.

Little Buckeye Is Known as One of the Best Toddler Daycares in Columbus and the Surrounding Area

At Little Buckeye Daycare, we incorporate many activities that appeal to the five senses.  While having fun, our students are also learning by using their five senses. Our Infants and Toddlers Program is second to none. Learn more about it today.