The Best Daycares in Columbus Teach Socialization Skills

When searching for the best daycares in Columbus, OH, many parents are eager to find one with a good teaching curriculum. At Little Buckeye Learning Centers, we have an award winning curriculum called Learning Beyond Paper. It offers children the opportunity for hands-on exploration and discovery. But we know that young children have to learn social and emotional skills before they can learn academics. 

Functioning in a Community

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We all function in multiple communities – the neighborhood community, the work community, the home community, the church community, etc. Preschool children must learn how to function in a community too. They are learning, maybe for the first time, how to be part of a classroom community. Our curriculum focuses on socialization skills that help children understand what it means to be part of a community. 

Socializing in a Community

Our goal is to help children become a well-rounded student, friend, family member, and community member. That’s why so many of our activities focus on socialization. These include activities such as sharing crayons, playing with an object as a group, and eating together. These activities help develop important skills such as teamwork, patience, and understanding.

Developing social skills help your child to:

  • manage his own feelings.
  • understand the feelings of others.
  • Identify and be sensitive to the needs of others.
  • interact with peers and those in authority respectfully.

Using Age-Appropriate Activities

At Little Buckeye, we know just what kind of activities are appropriate for the age of the child. As an example, our infants and toddlers program recognizes that a two-year old usually plays independently not “with” another child. For this age, our program introduces “parallel play.” That is, we encourage a 2-year-old to play side-by-side with another child, rather than interactively playing with the child.

Ohio’s Best Daycares in Columbus, Delaware, and Sunbury

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