Here’s a list of common questions we get asked

  • How safe and secure are your facilities?

    Each center is outfitted with security cameras in classrooms as well as high traffic areas in the facility. The Director and administrators are on the premises daily to help supervise all programs. Little Buckeye uses childcare software Procare for daily signing in/out and door access. When a card is not registered to a child in the facility, access to the building will not be granted.

  • Are you currently enrolling new students?

    Yes, Little Buckeye is currently accepting enrollments for new students in all age groups.

  • What is your student-to-teacher ratio?

    School age is 1:18, Pre-kindergarten is 1:14, Preschool is 1:12, Toddler 1:7, Older Infants 1:6 and Younger Infants 1:5

  • Do you provide meals?

    Yes, we provide a well-balanced breakfast, lunch and snack daily.  All meals are prepared on site.

  • What is your discipline policy?

    Our expectations will be kept within each child’s developmental capabilities. All children will be made aware of these expectations by setting clear limits, showing positive alternatives, positive reinforcement and positive redirection. Teachers will model desired behaviors while communicating and encouraging children to control their own behavior using problem solving skills.

  • How do staff help children grow and develop?

    With daily activities that encourage growth and development, children have numerous opportunities to expand their skillsets. We also administer the Ages and Stages Questionnaires assessments and use observations and anecdotal notes to determine where we should focus our attention with each individual.