Stelzer toddler

At Little Buckeye Learning Center, we respond to your toddler’s growing energy and curiosity with fun learning activities and creative playtime that encourage exploration while introducing structure and an established routine.

We supplement this curriculum framework with brain-based experiences. As children develop, we create structures and routines to meet their ever-increasing skills.

Your toddler will enjoy a playful environment specially designed to promote learning experiences in a way that makes learning fun. Interactive learning spaces, hands on learning opportunities, and caring teachers come together to build a solid learning foundation for your child.

Your Toddler’s Day at Little Buckeye

  • Learning interactions, including relationship building exercises, critical thinking, sensory, and language experiences
  • Small group hands on learning experiences
  • Storytime that includes focusing on literacy skills and character development
  • Music and movement
  • Outside time

Toddler Program’s Developmental Goals

  • Encourage and promote positive self-image
  • Encourage language development and analytical skills
  • Promote creativity
  • Begin increasing attention span
  • Encourage healthy toilet training
  • Promote physical development and sound nutrition
  • Show more complex emotions

Toddler Program Features

  • Innovative, comprehensive curriculum
  • Daily feedback and communication
  • Free well-balanced breakfast, lunch and snack
  • Full-time program
  • Affordable, all-inclusive tuition
  • State funded financial aid programs available

Toddler Program’s Developmental Milestones

  • Show interest in fine motor skills like coloring and cutting
  • Enjoy using body for large motions (running, dancing, kicking)
  • Form phrases and small sentences
  • Identify names with people and objects
  • Begin to recognize that other people have feelings
  • Use body to express emotions
  • Promote social play