Being home on a Snow Day with the kiddos can be so much fun… until the boredom sets in. Below are some ideas to keep you from pulling out your hair – and the kids from pulling out each other’s.

I think we all can agree, when it is snowing or cold all we want to do is sit in front of the TV and binge watch TV shows or watch movies!! Well, that can lead to BOREDOM fast!

I know kids sometimes think all they want is the IPad, TV or game console… but deep down (deep, deep, deep), they really want quality time with you.

So, let’s make a SNOW Day a FUN bonding day!


Make breakfast together.

Let the kids be the chef and make it for you. Help them when needed. But let them feel like they are the leaders.

Let them:

  • Crack the eggs
  • Stir the eggs
  • Mix the pancakes and show them when it is okay to flip
  • Put bacon on a cookie sheet or on paper towels
  • Let them start the oven or start the microwave
  • Let them set the table or coffee table

After Breakfast make cleaning up fun!

  • Put a lot of dish soap (for fun bubbles) in the sink, fill with water, and let them clean – or think they are cleaning – the dishes. Or you can rinse while they help load the dishwasher.

After the kitchen is clean head outside and have some snow fun.

A little prep is needed for the following ideas… but most of the prep you can handle while they are “cleaning” the dishes.

Paint in the snow.

This is so much fun! You can create a picture in the snow, paint your snowman, and even paint faces and clothes on your snow angels. It is fun and the “paint” is easy to make.   There are two different ways to “paint”…

Easy, simple way: All you need is water and food coloring. 

Mix water and 8 drops of food coloring in a bowl or bottle. If mixing colors: add 4 drops of one color to 4 drops of the other. “Paint” with brushes or squeeze bottles.

Science experiment: this creates cool reactions.

  • Vinegar
  • Food coloring or Kool-Aide
  • Baking Soda

Mix together the vinegar and 8 drops of food coloring (add Kool aid to cut the smell) in a bottle or in bowls.

Sprinkle the baking soda on the snow (preferably hard packed snow), then go to town with the paint. The reactions are worth the smell of vinegar… I promise!

Blowing bubbles outside.

*It must be below freezing for this to work. Simply go outside, blow bubbles, and watch what happens! To add to the fun, put bubbles in cup, add two drops of food coloring to each cup, and blow bubbles. When the bubbles pop they leave a cool pattern on the snow. Some bubbles will simply land on the snow and remain an ice bubbles

Ice towers/Ice balls.

**This requires work the night before.**

1. Fill plastic cups or balloons with water. (Food color optional)
2. Set in a safe place overnight outside.
3. In the morning, cut the plastic or balloon away
4. Boom…building blocks!!
5.Start building!! So much fun!

Make snow cream!

YUM!! All you need is:

  • Snow
  • Cream or Milk
  • Vanilla Extract (to taste)
  • A little bit of sugar
  • Bowl or cup
  • Mix together and enjoy.
Now you are all frozen and ready for inside fun!! While the kids warm-up and relax, make a snack or lunch. While eating you can plan out your next fun adventure.


  • Nerf Gun War
  • Board Games
  • Pillow fight/ Tickle Party
  • Make paper snow flakes
  • Hide and Go Seek
  • Painting/coloring

While making dinner, have the kids join in the prep. Not something the kids can help with? Have them building a fort in the TV room. Make it where the TV can be seen because after dinner, you can all have dessert together in the fort while watching a movie!

Wasn’t that a fun day? Now everyone will sleep like babies tonight!