It’s that time of year again! The holiday season is the perfect time to explore new activities that can be done as a family. Whether your family decorates a tree, lights a menorah, or simply cherishes time with loved ones, there are many festive activities to be celebrated at the end of each year.  Instead of becoming overwhelmed with all the shopping and cooking, try to utilize the holidays for spending time with loved ones doing activities that apply to your family!

Top 10 Holiday Activities for Families

  1. Decorate a gingerbread house- You can make this a fun, competitive event between family members as a contest or just decorate and display them proudly in your home
  2. Attend a tree-lighting ceremony- Tree-lighting ceremonies are very common and bring the community out into the chilly weather to get in the Holiday spirit. These ceremonies can be a good event to mingle with neighbors and friends
  3. Host a cookie decorating contest- Bring out the icing, sprinkles, and chocolate chips! Challenge your family members to decorate the best cookies. If you celebrate Christmas, you can leave them out for Santa’s arrival
  4. Sing Christmas carols throughout the neighborhood or at a local retirement home- Nothing spreads warmth and cheer like Holiday music!
  5. Cut paper snowflakes to decorate your home- Use a square piece of copy paper and fold it over as many times as you like and cut out shapes into your own snowflake. These make great window decorations
  6. Go visit Santa at a local mall for pictures- Santa can be found at most malls during the Holiday season, so if your kids want to tell Santa what they want for Christmas and take a picture to remember- go visit your local mall!
  7. Watch a classic holiday movie as a family- Have a movie night as a family with popcorn and hot chocolate. Some family favorites include Elf, Home Alone, and A Christmas Story
  8. Donate old toys to a local charity- Make room for new toys by donating to a local charity or thrift shop to spread the holiday cheer to others in need
  9. Create DIY ornaments- You can make Christmas ornaments into a family crafting session by using different materials to create unique ornaments for the tree
  10. Participate in a family Secret Santa- Secret Santa exchanges are a fun, twist on the traditional gift exchange. Each person draws a name and anonymously buys their family member a gift

Keeping a calendar of holiday events you that would like to attend is a good way to keep track of activities during this busy season. No matter what you and your family celebrate, there are endless activities to get every family through the bustling holiday season!